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What We Do

With more than 25 years experience, CPR provides a full range of capabilities for targeted campaigns:

Business-to-business • Direct-to-Consumer • Issue-oriented

CPR is a full-service strategic marketing communications company with diversified experience in healthcare and life sciences, technology, entertainment, and consumer products.

We provide targeted messaging and communications for professional, consumer, and business-to-business focused outreach. We stay ahead of the pack in developing and positioning our clients – making sure their message is seen at the right place, at the right time.

We develop and implement business-to-business and direct-to-consumer positioning campaigns that drive market awareness and increase revenues.

We serve publicly traded companies, privately held entities, and not-for-profit organizations, delivering strategic market intelligence, capabilities, and rewarding relationships that help differentiate brands and services in a competitive environment.

From emerging companies to industry giants, CPR develops messaging and positioning campaigns that drive market awareness, create opportunities, and increase revenues:

Public Companies • Private Companies • Not-for-Profit Organizations • Foundations and Public Service Organizations

CPR relies on proven, integrated, and collaborative strategies to bring our clients’ strategic assets to market with velocity and focus.

We leverage customer collaboration, CPR market intelligence, and access to national leaders and trend-setters to identify customer-centric strategies for wide-reaching results.

Our clients embrace innovation and strategic vision, which fuels our passion to push them to greater heights.

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