CPR Online


We are a talented team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in healthcare and life sciences, with strong expertise in managed care, healthcare information technology and healthcare delivery

Agency Principals
CPR Agency Principals are actively involved in strategic development and execution of campaigns we deliver to our clients:

Joseph Carabello, President and CEO
Laura Carabello, Principal

Senior Management
CPR Senior Management team members enjoy longstanding tenure with our firm and are involved with all clients on a strategic level:

Ihor Andruch, Vice President
Katelyn Petersen, Account Executive
Joelle Caputa, Account Executive
Stephanie Clark, Account Executive

CPR Management team member staff handles day-to-day operations of client accounts:

Alexis Lignos , Account Manager
Joan Mathieu, Senior Copywriter
Megan Kennedy, Editor of Medical Travel Today and U.S. Domestic Medical Travel newsletters

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