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YourCity.MD Achieves Milestone: Implements Online Healthcare Platform in 500 City Sites Nationwide, Adds Customizable Features for U.S. Employers

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YourCity.MD Achieves Milestone:  Implements Online Healthcare Platform in 500 City Sites Nationwide, Adds Customizable Features for U.S. Employers

Employers Health Purchasing Corporation of Ohio leads the way
to employer recognition of YourCity.MD

CINCINNATI – MARCH 22, 2012– YourCity.MD (YCMD), the first and only healthcare information and resource platform providing every community in the nation with access to local health information, providers and services, announced today it now reaches 100 percent of Americans. YourCity.MD is poised to be the most innovative company of the year in terms of helping employers to improve workforce health and productivity, and concurrently cutting costs.

“Employers Health recommends to its members and their employees YourCity.MD as a trusted source for finding a patient-centered medical home physician practice.  In addition, consumers can view patient ratings and utilize a new doctor compare feature,” says Christopher V. Goff, Esq., CEO & General Counsel Employers Health Purchasing Corporation & Employers Health Coalition, Inc.

Whether focused on wellness programs or patient-centered medical homes, communities can connect to a YCMD database hub with any zip code, and access top-quality health and medical information, rate physicians and communicate with other community members.

“Employers can benefit from medical resources to help their employees and their family members find the best doctors in their communities,” said Andrew Webber, president and CEO of the National Business Coalition on Health. “By providing the ability to find a patient-centered medical home physician practice or a doctor focused on wellness programs, YourCity.MD is a valuable tool that can help employers’ efforts to improve workforce health and productivity and reduce costs.”

YourCity.MD also gives providers an opportunity to increase patient referrals and improve their practice through free productivity tools.

Joseph Benza, founder and CEO, YCMD, says, “YCMD fills the healthcare information vacuum that has persisted at the local level, facilitating the overall patient-centric direction of the healthcare industry. It is the only localized healthcare platform on the Web, with major employers now recognizing the benefits of recommending YourCity.MD to their employees as a guide for finding the best doctors in their local areas.”

About YourCity.MD
YourCity.MD, LLC provides free tools, services and effective, HIPAA-compliant communications for patients and providers in over 500 cities and states. YourCity.MD allows consumers to access local healthcare providers and high-quality medical content, and gives providers free productivity tools and the ability to increase patient referrals. YourCity.MD is currently partnering with media, employers, medical consultant/sales organizations, payers and other healthcare companies. To request partnership details, contact support@YourCity.MD.

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