The Woes of Being an Intern

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Going for interviews has never been a terrible experience. That is, until you’ve finished your interview and are waiting for the reply. These are moments of pure suspense—what could have felt like a great interview suddenly turns into silence as you are left waiting for a message that may never come.

Any email notification will make you jump at the newest message—until you finally see what you’ve been hoping for…

“We are happy to offer you the internship!”

            The elation of being hired completely wipes away the time spent waiting. It is from here on that your nerves might get to you. There is a different air to an office once you enter it’s building not as an interviewee, but rather as an employee. Anxious is one way to describe it, but it’s closer to a mix-mosh of feelings that all boil down to a feeling of woe.

As an intern, one mistake can feel like the end of the world. While every office is different and each has its own unique dynamic—if you’ve held previous internships you know how greatly they can vary. Some are that classic internship portrayal you see in movies, while others—more often than not—are bastions of experience and growth.

Yet… No matter how each office differs, you too will be met with the same beasts no matter where you go.



These fickle creatures mess with everyone in the same way. No matter how high up your position may be they will never cooperate when you need them most. Whether it’s poor copies or too many copies… Printers seem to have a mind of their own.

Yet to an intern, these things are ready to chomp down on already frayed nerves. Be sure to double-check what you need to print—or if you even need to print it. Sometimes it’s best to work around them, than with them.

Deadlines are up. Work is piling high. Maybe you just need to check your emails. It’s a shame that you need to wait on IT to handle what ails your computer. There is often nothing you can do if you must wait on IT. While you wait, prepare your next idea the old fashioned way—Pen and Paper.
Office Phone

How do these things even work? Honestly, it’s best to always pick up when it rings and just be prepared should you ever need to make a call.

The neutral area of the office in the eyes of regular employees, but to the intern, it may feel like you’re one loose sticky note away from eating someone else’s meal.


Trails and Tribulations

These are what internships are made of, and with good reason. They are the first step on your path to success. You will meet with your fair share of troubles and learning curves, but ultimately these “woeful” times will make you all the better.

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