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The Science of Timing Tweets, Blogs and Beyond

Dan Zarrella, an award-winning social, search, and viral marketing scientist at HubSpot, recently hosted a Webinar titled “The Science of Timing: When to do everything.”

The Webinar focused on the best times to tweet, publish blogs, send e-mails, and post on Facebook, in order to maximize exposure and results.

Here are some of Zarrella’s tips and strategies:

-Don’t call yourself a guru.

-Blogs posted at 10a.m. or 11a.m. get the most views.

-About 40 percent of people read blogs at night.

-If your target audience is men, blog at night; if your target audience is women, blog early in the morning.

-The newest subscribers to your mailing list are your best.

-The more e-mails you send, the lower your unsubscribe rates will be, as most people who are going to unsubscribe will do so within the first few e-mails.

-Retweet as many times in a row as you would like. However, space out your own important tweets.

-E-mails get the most attention when sent on the weekends.

-Send e-mail very early in the morning.

-Blog early in the morning if your goal is to get people to link back to your post.

-Blog on the weekends if your goal is to receive comments.

-The most retweetable times are late in the day and week.

-Weekends are best for Facebook sharing.

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