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The Safe, Convenient Way to Achieve Your Perfect Tan

As fall is rapidly approaching, summer days are winding down and warm beach days will no longer be an option. But don’t worry; your tan can still stay shining without the use of tanning beds or exposing yourself to the strong rays of sun. Instead, Jergens Natural Glow is guaranteed to give your skin the perfect, smooth tan you’ve been scared to lose approaching this fall season. Usually, we run into the problem of looking to dark for our own skin color, or realizing our color may be to pale. Jergens Natural Glow can save the day with its ability to deliver the desirable skin color all year around.

Your first thought: Is there an odor to this lotion? Luckily, Jergens Natural Glow has created this product making sure to avoid the unpleasant odors, taking place after you apply the lotion on your skin. Jergens makes different shades of “glow” depending on your skin color, along with protection against UV rays from the natural. This is a quick, efficient way to become tan instantly. No more long hours on the beach trying to obtain that glow you’ve always wanted. Jergens Natural Glow is conveniently located in any convenient store for a reasonable price roughly around eight dollars a bottle.

After purchasing this bottle of lotion, Jergens Natural Glow gives you the ability to apply as much on your body that you feel is necessary. If you don’t feel tan enough after seeing your instant results, just apply more!  The perks to this lotion include Vitamin E, SPF 20, and a beautiful, natural looking glow for any occasion. Now you can ditch the tanning bed, and enjoy your night out with your striking, tan glow!

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