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The Importance of Social Media during the Government Shutdown



Social Media. A well-known and encouraged method of communication for people to stay connected with the latest gossip or news, and produce or share ideas with others all over the world.

For most, Twitter, Facebook, and other convenient tools help us stay connected 24/7. From this, people become more demanding, wanting to know all the details, not just the headlines. In some cases, like celebrity gossip, we read an article or story, develop our opinion and share it with our peers. To state the obvious, Social Media is always in high demand and forces us to become more media savvy.

When something detrimental occurs in the news, like the government shutting down, Americans insist on being included and connected with the full story and the latest updates. We want to read the tweets from Barack Obama or congressmen, form our own opinions, and express them to the rest of the world. Well, you can thank Twitter and Facebook for that. The crisis we are dealing with now, as in the infamous government shutdown, can be viewed as a PR/social media flaw.

First things first, communication should be the number one initiative. We want to know why the government shut-down, how this will affect the country, what will this do to the economy, and lastly the most talked about question, will this completely cut out Obamacare?  We are so used to Googling things we don’t know and using the Internet as our second brain when we need to find quick, legit answers.

However, this ongoing government shutdown is confusing people more and more every day because we are nervous that social media is failing us. Why? Because we rely so heavily on it. We do not have the exact answers we are looking for and we are not being told exactly why this disaster occurred. With the endless fight between Democrats and Republicans growing, members of Congress use to social media to get out their message to the public and persuade them to their views and opinions. This allows Americans stay connected with the authorities they trust.

Social media channels are very powerful and important to us. We thrive on learning and staying up to date with the day-to-day gossip and the latest news. In this day and age, we control the social media we want to use, and block the rest of it out of our lives.  As a result, the government shutdown crisis is an example of just how big of a role social media plays in our lives. Luckily, social media comes to our rescue by summarizing the issue using very few words, something all Americans can understand, therefore making it not only addicting, but also demanding.





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