The End of a Chapter

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As I sit here on my last day at CPR, reflecting on the work I have accomplished and the new skills I acquired in the past few months, it truly feels like time flew by. It seems like my first day was just a few weeks ago – more like almost three months ago! Even though my summer interning at CPR Strategic Marketing Communications went quickly, the knowledge I have learned will stay with me as I move on to new opportunities.

I was thrilled when I received an offer to work with CPR for the summer. I have a strong desire to work in healthcare public relations but had no experience in the field before this internship. I came here with some knowledge from my public relations courses and past experiences but knew my time with CPR would be very different. Coming from an internship specializing in primarily consumer products, I knew my work would be cut out for me. I quickly learned that pitching and writing press releases for a healthcare client greatly differs from writing about baby products! Luckily, the staff at CPR created a welcoming atmosphere from the start. I was never burdened with too many tasks at once and always felt comfortable asking my supervisors any questions.

Although I knew skills such as CisionPoint and Microsoft Excel coming into this internship, CPR really helped me strengthen my writing skills and learn to better multitask. I was able to exercise my writing by drafting pitches, blogs and press releases. I would often check in with a number of supervisors in the morning and see what work they had for me. I learned how to budget my time so that tasks such as pitching and drafting media lists would both be done efficiently. It was also great to witness the day-to-day office life at CPR. My previous internship had a very small staff so I did not see much communication between colleagues. It has been refreshing to see the way the staff at CPR sometimes work together on tasks to create a strong final product.

My experience at CPR will definitely be one I compare to any future internship or job possibilities to come. As I enter my final undergrad semester at William Paterson University, I feel prepared to further myself as a public relations professional thanks to CPR. This internship has prepared me take on a new role and continue to strive for a career in healthcare public relations. I have met colleagues and supervisors that I can now consider mentors and hope to stay in contact with after I leave. I cannot stress the importance of having a meaningful internship while studying to work in the public relations field. CPR has helped me reinforce that this is the career path I want to be on.

Good luck to future CPR interns!

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