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Stop Drinking Coffee in the Morning

By Matthew Ramos, Public Relations Assistant

Okay, before I get impaled for making such an outrageous suggestion, let me explain…

Most of you probably around know that drinking too much coffee isn’t good for you, and many of you are probably ready to tell me that coffee is actually filled with good things called antioxidants that make you younger and fight sickness.

Well, both of them are true, but even with the antioxidants that coffee does supply, it’s probably a better idea to reduce or eliminate one’s intake. Here are my reasons:

1. Coffee burns out the body. It gives you a strong shot of the adrenaline which feels like healthy energy but it’s really more of stimulant that ‘forces’ you to stay awake. Too much of this, as I’m sure many college students and workaholics are aware of, causes you to crash once that adrenaline stream stops pumping, increasing the urge for even MORE coffee and making way for an unproductive crash and burn cycle.

2. Caffeine is technically a drug, just not an illegal kind. It can change a person’s behavior and even the way that they think, and the most drug-like property is that it easily becomes an addiction, especially when it’s such a convenient way to wake up.

How many people need coffee just to get started in the morning? Most of us in the U.S. do. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are household names. Drinking coffee is thought of by many as more normal than drinking water. However, you can do your overall health and productivity a good favor by drinking less of this addictive java.

Switch to green tea to deal with the withdrawals, or just go cold turkey, and eventually it won’t be needed. Your health and your wallet (with all the money you’ll be saving from Dunkin) will thank you.

Now, I’m fully aware that most people will disregard this message at the title, but I thought I’d say something. Look up all the scientific stuff that I didn’t cite on wikipedia.


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