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Spotlight: Lauren Kennedy, Employee of the Month – June 2011

Where did you earn your degree?

I earned my Bachelor of Arts at University at Albany, 2010.

What was your major?

I majored in Communications and minored in Journalism.

Previous experience…

Let’s see, I have extensive experience in the restaurant industry – – It is an understatement to say I have worked in almost every restaurant/bar/lounge in the tri-state area, including Massachusetts! I also have years of experience as a lifeguard…which basically means I am excellent at reading and laying out in the sun!

Though when it comes to PR/Marketing, I had an internship my last semester with Shorey Public Relations, an agency in Saratoga Springs, NY. Fortunately, with the economy in the position it was, them being understaffed came as a major advantage to me. I was involved in everything, my title may have been account coordinator but let me tell you, I truly learned every aspect of that company and gained irreplaceable experience. Too think, I almost considered attaining another offered internship because the commute was a whole 45 minutes. Little did I know, it can always be worse!

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

I look at everything as an accomplishment. To be serious, I have worked for everything my entire life and though it is really challenging and stressful at times, I find if you mix-in rewards/celebrations it keeps you motivated. No matter how little or big the achievement, you should always be proud of yourself, at least you’re out there getting things done!

How did you motivate yourself to get to where you are now?

Money! Not that it is the most important factor, but it is reality. You need to work hard to get where you want to be. I also believe if you stay positive, keep an active social life and convince yourself nothing can get in the way of your dreams, motivation will just come naturally!


Working out! It doesn’t matter what it is, if it is active, competitive and challenging, I’m down. Currently, I am boxing! I think I just about have my boyfriend convinced I can kick his a**, just a few jabs, hooks and a round house kick and he’ll be on the floor. If you promise to keep it on the down low, I really can’t…but I can do 2 pull ups!! It’s a great work out, I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their routine and get seriously toned for summer!

Who are your mentors?

I like to think all of my peers are mentors. You can always learn something new from somebody. Everyone has different experiences and perspectives, and they can all be beneficial in some way.

What is the best thing about working at CPR?

The people! We have a great team here, everyone is diverse and brings different qualities to the table. There is no cattiness, everyone is here to help one another out. I believe the people and the atmosphere at a job can absolutely make or break the experience. Luckily in this case, we have a win-win.

Any funny work stories you can share?

One Friday afternoon, Jessica convinced me it would be a great stress reliever and motivator to close our door and throw a 15 minute dance party. The moves were incredible, who would think we both knew how to break dance! The best part is no one even knew we were dancing, they thought we were on a call.

Just kidding…can’t think of any at the minute, but I love to laugh and I’m a blonde, so I would say something funny happens on a daily basis.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Shopping – I hate working so close to the Garden State Plaza. That has been my fave since forever, and now that I can get there every lunch hour…kind of creates a dangerous situation for my bank account. Don’t worry – I try to limit my visits!!

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