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Spotlight: Ervin Torres, Employee of the Month – April 2011

Ervin Torres, Account Manager

Where did you earn your degree?


I earned my Bachelor of Arts at William Paterson University of New Jersey.


What was your major?

I majored in Communication, concentrating on journalism and public relations. My educational experience was enriched with on-campus clubs and activities, one of which included the Student Public Relation Association (SPRA) where I served as the public relations director during my last semester at good ‘ol Willy P.

Previous experience…


Believe it or not, my first internship was with CPR. As an intern, I provided account support to senior staff on a variety of accounts from health IT to medical travel.  Following CPR I interned, and later served as an account coordinator, at Montgomery Communications in NYC—a boutique agency specializing in international travel with destinations from the Caribbean and Europe to South Africa. I later interned with Beckerman, the third largest public relations firm in New Jersey. I joined the firm just as it began expanding in every direction so it was interesting to witness and take part of the growth of what is now a powerful influence in the strategic communications industry. I took on a broad range of projects from real estate and law to consumer and green technology. Since then, I’ve come full circle and returned to CPR as an Account Manager.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?


To date? Employee of the month at CPR Strategic Marketing Communications, of course!


How did you motivate yourself to get to where you are now?


Starting at this particular agency as an entry-level position was enough to motivate me. My colleagues have such diverse backgrounds within the communications industry and simply witnessing their successes increases my desire to succeed and meet, if not surpass, their level of professional competence.  




For almost seventeen years, I’ve been studied and performed the violin. Since a very young age, music has been my passion and I enjoy every minute I can immerse myself in it. I’ve performed in local orchestras and at quite a few weddings. In fact, I recently had the privilege of performing at the wedding for a couple of high school sweethearts, both of whom I’ve known since childhood and attended high school with. Also, as a vocalist, I’ve had the privilege of performing at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center among the most talented high school vocalists in the state, including fellow account manager, Jessica Day (yet another talented vocalist). Additionally, I’ve studied various styles of dance; I also coach young gymnasts at the gymnastics facility where I also train, teaching them how to properly incorporate dance into their routines.


Who are your mentors?


I consider past and present colleagues as my mentors. At CPR, I can honestly say that I learn something new everyday from at least one person in the office. The senior management at CPR adheres to an open-door policy that, even as an intern, I take advantage of whenever I encounter any obstacles. In many instances, however, I would also consider close friends as mentors as they all come from various professional backgrounds. My best friend, a graphic designer, has taught me much about the history and structure of design elements that I have actually incorporated into several projects I have taken on here at CPR.


What is the best thing about working at CPR?


The best thing about working at CPR is sharing an office with two other account managers. All modesty aside, I serve as the resident disc jockey, providing work music for my two office mates, Joelle Caputa and Stephanie Clark. I’m not sure if I could tolerate the confinement of a cubicle, so having open office space with two other staff members maintains a high level of encouragement and to a certain extent, sanity.


Any funny work stories you can share?


I always have funny work stories. As an intern, I was conducting follow up calls one morning without having thoroughly enjoyed my first cup of coffee. As nervous as any intern can be, I quietly left a message for an editor and stumbled on my words. Frustrated and embarrassed, I hung up mid-word. Somewhere out there lays an incomplete, nervous voicemail in the inbox of some health editor who has probably since saved the message, laughing at my incompetence.

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