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Solar Panels Help Universities Go Green

By Stephanie Smith- Public Relations Assistant

As a student of William Paterson University (Wayne, NJ), I am proud to acknowledge that my school currently has the largest solar panel system of any university in the United States! Kathleen Waldron, President of William Paterson, has even declared that other schools are calling to ask how to do it. Although, the overall cost of the panels was pricey, the investment will significantly reduce costs over time. The investment is estimated to save $4.3 million in energy costs over the next 15 years. Here are some reasons how universities can benefit from the installation of solar panels and why many are eager to go green.
1. Solar panels are estimated to last about thirty years and are durable in any type of weather condition.
2. Our economy is severely suffering from inflation with gas prices and electric bills on the rise. However, once solar panels are installed, the price will not change. This makes bills more manageable.
3. Solar panels virtually produce no pollution compared to burning fossil fuels, which release toxic gases into the atmosphere, which is dire to the environment and for one’s health. Solar power is an ideal alternative to fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) and is an abundant, clean and renewable resource.
4. The panels can assist with the promotion of going green. The community will most likely admire the gesture and perhaps be inspired to be more environmentally conscious.
5. Finally, save energy = save money. As I stated earlier on, the investment of the panels is expected to save millions of dollars in the long run at William Paterson University. Other schools should expect similar results.
So, these are just a few reasons why I think the solar panels make such a huge impact at my school. Other than the initial cost of the panels, I see no real drawbacks to having them installed. I personally think it is one of the best investments William Paterson University has ever made. Other universities in the United States would be crazy to not at least consider them. Who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to save energy? Come join the green side!

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