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Social Media…Like It

By Lianne Palazzolo, Public Relations Assistant

We are all used to constant change regardless of which industry we specialize. From new technology to new management, we have seen it all. Because of the continuously improving technology of our day and age we should have seen it coming. Social media has taken over the world. “Like it,” “add me,” “tweet me,” “tag me,” are all phrases of our new and improved society that most of us include in our daily vocabulary and which we are becoming all too familiar. Facebook, the most popular social media platform, holds 500 million active users, with 50% who log on in any given day. Similarly, Twitter has about 200 million users with 300,000 new users every day. With statistics like this, who wouldn’t want to promote themselves, their business, or products using social media?

Some key benefits of social media:
1. Get the message out faster and to more people. Instantaneous dissemination. By tweeting or sharing a single message it can reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people in a split second, depending on how many followers. Using a commercial or announcement, it may take hours or days for that message to reach its audience.

2. Improve branding. Blogging is an incredibly useful tool for enhancing both awareness and image. By blogging about a company, service or its products, it can really put out a good word to other consumers and increase brand recognition.

3. Audience interaction. Before social media was around, companies would have to spend a significant amount of time investing in focus groups, surveys, and interviews just to get feedback from their target audience on ways to improve their product or service. Using social media, consumers can give their feedback almost instantaneously.

4. Opportunity to build relationships. By following people on social media you can build relationships with influential people and/or business professionals in your field that you would have never even imagined speaking to, or even meeting, by just using traditional media. Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all give us the power to build significant relationships for our present and future.

While the social media epidemic may be nerve-racking to traditional corporations, it is highly recommended that they take a step further and dive in to social media. It is especially important for new businesses to brand themselves and gain attention through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging. Want to expand your company globally? There are more than 70 different translations on Facebook and entrepreneurs from 190 different countries build their businesses using the Facebook Platform. Another important advantage is that social media helps us to stay active and in-tune with current events and follow the most influential people of the world.

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