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Six Basic Solutions for Under-Eye Circles

By Alexis Lignos, Public Relations Assistant

Do you constantly have bags under your eyes? Dark under-eye circles are caused by hard living. Sleep deprivation and alcohol intake are two factors which cause the puffiness underneath our eyes, but they are a less common cause. The main reasons why so many people experience the depressing droopiness is due to fat loss under the eye, broken blood vessels or increased melanin (a natural substance that gives pigment). Of course you may wake up after a long night of studying or partying (whichever your preference) with the expected, terrible bags under your eyes. But let it be known that if you constantly have dark under-eye circles, then sleep deprivation may not be the only cause.

According to WebMD, there are six basic solutions for under-eye circles and bags.

  • Get enough sleep. It is inexpensive, repairs cell damage to your skin and keeps your face looking fresh the next day.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Causing dehydration, they may make dark circles more noticeable.
  • Check out injectable fillers. A dermatologist may administer these if your dark eye circles are due broken blood vessels. Fillers can help if fat loss is the cause of bags under the eyes.
  • Look into laser treatments and vitamin K. Laser treatments may reduce the look of dark circles due to broken blood vessels. Skin care products containing vitamin K can also help.
  • Go a shade lighter in your concealer. A concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone can help disguise under-eye circles.
  • Smile. This is the most effective eye-brightening tip!

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