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Passing the Intern Torch

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over, and that I’ll be moving back to school on Monday for my senior year at The College of New Jersey! Unfortunately, the end of summer also means an end to my internship at CPR Strategic Marketing Communications.

Working at CPR for the last three months has truly been a wonderful learning experience. From building media lists in CisionPoint to researching and writing pitches, I learned all of the basics behind pitching to media outlets. I was also responsible for maintaining the company blog, which was an easy way to “get published” and gain clips for my portfolio. During my short time here, I assisted with a variety of accounts and tasks, and was able to work closely on one client’s national campaign and event promotion.

This internship really provides interns with a well-rounded glimpse into agency public relations. Whether or not you want to work in healthcare public relations, the skills you acquire here are essential requirements for any entry-level public relations job. The training is hands-on and the work you receive is comparable to that of a regular employee. The CPR staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to pursue a career in public relations.

With the fall semester rapidly approaching, it’s important to apply for internships now if you haven’t already done so! Make sure to save all of your writing samples, and to always have an updated resume and portfolio. In today’s increasingly virtual world, it is crucial to have an online presence through websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. I also recommend creating your own webpage on Weebly or WordPress so that employers can easily view all of your information.

Get involved with career-focused groups at your school, as well as professional organizations such as NYWICI, to start networking and finding internships. I strongly believe that everyone should have experience from at least two internships during their undergraduate career. Finally, keep in touch with all of your professors and employers; their connections will come in handy when you’re looking for your first job!

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