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Sports Health Marketing

Sports Health Marketing

Part of Your Team

CPR is highly respected in the sports health marketing industry. We continually exceed client expectations and work as an extension of client teams. We provide education, and have played an integral role in expanding awareness around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the recognition, prevention and management of sports-related injuries.

Our Sports Health Marketing experts have experience:

  • Introducing opportunities for optimized health that enhance athletic performance
  • Offering education and community workshops designed for amateur athletes K-12 through college, as well as their parents, coaches, trainers, and educators
  • Implementing grass-roots initiatives in communities across the country and abroad

We strategize at the highest level to ensure our clients’ messages hit the right target every time. We have developed robust partnerships with industry leaders and can tap into our vast network to increase exposure for any event, product or brand. We know the field better than the competition – and have the marketing chops to generate significant buzz across every media channel.




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