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October Baby Blues: The Cause and Cures

By Candice Varetoni
Account Coordinator
Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

I’ve come to the realization that once September flies by and October hits, a small sense of sadness sweeps over me. I call them the baby blues. They are not quite as depressing as having the regular blues because they can easily be forgotten with something as simple as warm apple cider. Yum.

First let me explain the first time I felt these baby blues. I believe it started when I was much younger.

By October, the excitement of the first month of school was over and I realized there was no more summer.

“OK. So let me get this straight. I can no longer watch reruns of Saved by the Bell while playing SIMS on the computer all day and then run around outside (like a chicken with my head cut off) without a care in the world… Um, thank you but I think I’ll skip this year.”

Even though it seemed like it was the end of the world at the time, you will all be relieved to know I made it through the year!

As I’ve gotten older, the baby blues have gained new indicators.

Just to name a few: Dry –chapped skin, less sunlight and a decrease in outdoor activities.

Don’t be alarmed! There are plenty of easy and healthy preventions for these so called “blues.”

Rich Lotion for Dry Skin:
Once temperatures and humidity levels drop, the water within your skin evaporates more quickly, leading to dry, tight and sometimes-flaky skin. One easy way to prevent this is to use a rich lotion as soon as you get out of the shower. I carry a lotion with me and reapply to my hands throughout the day. I use a lotion that includes glycerin, because it holds in the moisture and helps fight dehydration.

Vitamin D for Shorter Days, Longer Nights:

Vitamin D is very important and working indoors doesn’t help. By the time I get home on some occasions, the sunlight is nowhere to be found. Less sunlight could play a huge role in the baby blues. Try Pure Cod liver oil, 1 Tablespoon.

Food International Units(IU) per serving Percent DV DailyValue)*
Pure Cod liver oil, 1 Tablespoon 1,360 340

Ok. That was a joke. Please don’t try Cod liver oil. Even though it has a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, there are other options. Drink some milk, eat some pudding or pick up a Vitamin D supplement. Try a D3 supplement if you can. Every little bit helps.

October Outings:
Even though you’re not able to enjoy swimming in the pool or the weekend barbecues any longer there are still plenty of outdoor activities to par take in during the fall season. Try a wine-tasting or apple picking place. I found one in Warwick, NY that’s just perfect. It includes both. Even if you’re not a wine drinker they make some pretty wicked apple-cider donuts. Check it out for yourself, on the weekends they have live bands! http://www.wvwinery.com/.

Whether you’re rehydrating your skin, drinking some pure cod liver oil or moving and grooving to some tunes at an Apple Winery, you’re making your life just a bit more balanced. Try some of my remedies to help with the October baby blues and keep your life on track.

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