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Not So Common Workout Options

That feeling of accomplishment after going on a long run or training at the gym is just enough to let go of work stress and boost one’s mood. But let’s face it – not all of us are star athletes or marathon sprinters. While that feeling of satisfaction is memorable, it can still be a pain to actually find the motivation to drag yourself to the gym. Still struggling to find a workout that fits your needs that is bearable? Maybe it is time to try a non-traditional physical activity. Exercising can be done in so many different ways; not everyone is going to enjoy the same type of workout or sport. If regular fitness is not your specialty, try out one of these popular classes and see how it fits into your lifestyle!

Hot yoga:

I have to admit – this is a new personal favorite of mine. I was never a big fan of traditional yoga and thought I would feel the same way about hot yoga. Sweating in a 105 degree room and twisting my body in foreign directions did not sound like a fun time to me. However, after letting my friend convince me to try it out, I fell in love. Most hot yoga studios practice Bikram style yoga with the traditional 26 poses and mix in breathing and core exercises. The additional aspect of a 105 degree heated room allows the body to release any toxins or stress. Another bonus is that yoga is about pushing your own limits, so you are not pressured to straining your body. It is a great way to wind down, relax and work out all at the same time!


Release aggression and tone your body! Kickboxing can be so fun that you may forget you began just to workout. This martial arts practice combines kicking and punching to teach self-defense, muscle tone and general fitness. Many gyms and martial arts academies offer group classes where you get to practice on punching bags. Check out your local fitness center for summer deals on kickboxing classes!

Barre class:

This new type of fitness class infuses a number of different workout methods — including ballet training, yoga and pilates –for an ultimate workout. These classes have a ballet feel immediately because it is practiced with the use of a bar, balancing and twisting your body while keeping a tight grip throughout the class. However, your body has never seen this type of workout. A Barre class typically targets all “problem” areas while mimicking interesting different poses and positions. Even though you’re working out pretty intensely, the relaxing feeling of the class does wonders for your mind as well. Your core, arms, legs and thighs will all benefit from a Barre class!

Cardio Intervals:

This type of workout is perfect for anyone looking to increase their cardio, but find the treadmill or track to be tedious and time consuming. Cardio intervals allow you to spend half the time on your workout while burning much more fat! Quick, effective intervals speed up the body for around 60-90 seconds at a time. This helps push your body to its maximum potential but does not aim for an extended distance or amount of time. Practicing cardio intervals will speed up the heart rate and promote fat loss much more effectively than jogging.

Ditch your dreaded low-intensity cardio routine and test out a new fitness class. It is always important to stay fit, but this does not mean fun cannot be incorporated. And who knows – maybe you’ll find your new favorite hobby!

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