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Myo Technologies, Inc. Introduces Myotone® Facial Toning Systems: Consumers Benefit from At-Home Treatment, Non-Surgical Facelift for Younger Looking Skin

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Myo Technologies, Inc. Introduces Myotone® Facial Toning Systems:  Consumers Benefit from At-Home Treatment, Non-Surgical Facelift for Younger Looking Skin 

Patented device stimulates muscles and reduces visible signs of aging

 Order now at www.myotone.com

WILMINGTON, N.C. – July 10, 2013 – Myo Technologies, Inc., provider of Myotonology®, the only US patented, totally non-invasive microcurrent skin toning treatment, announces today the launch of the new patented Myotone® Facial Toning System, an effective at-home treatment that stimulates the muscles and skin to reduce visible signs of aging. The user-friendly Myotone® unit and the complementary botanical skin care line (Myo Essentials®) are ideal for cost-conscious men and women, ages 30-60, seeking a natural, non-invasive approach to preventing or reversing signs of aging.

The device can be ordered directly at www.myotone.com.

“In the comfort of their own homes, during lunch hour or after the workday, the Myotone® Facial Toning System using technology based upon microcurrent therapy, helps consumers to achieve a remarkably healthier, more toned appearance and younger looking skin,” says Elizabeth Logan, CEO of Myo Technologies, Inc. “The System functions as a non-surgical facelift, empowering individuals to restore their own skin’s tonicity. It’s a skincare toning tool that Hollywood elite have been using for years to get ready for big events, and now it’s available for everyone to use for their own ‘red carpet’ moments.”

The Myotone® Facial Toning System is an easy-to-use handheld device, requiring treatments of 5-10 minutes a day, with results that leave the face vibrant and refreshed after just three easy steps.

About Myo Technologies, Inc

Myo Technologies, Inc. developed Myotonology®, the only U.S. patented, microcurrent skin toning treatment, and Myo Essentials®, a hypoallergenic, botanical skin care product line. Produced exclusively in the U.S., the entire product line is designed for use in medical practices and wellness centers. Clients benefit from an affordable, non-surgical approach to skin rejuvenation with diminished scars, younger more toned and refreshed skin.

Contact: www.MYOINC.com or 877.969.2811.

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