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Is Adderall the New Gateway Drug?


As most people know, Adderall is a popular, commonly used drug known for its ability to change the levels of certain chemicals in the brain. Working as a stimulant, Adderall helps to increase the attention span and decrease impulsiveness and hyperactivity in those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Originally, this pharmaceutical drug was treated specifically for ADD, ADHD, and narcolepsy with the ingredients of multiple salts of the stimulant, amphetamine. Others without these conditions started to get a hold of this drug because they liked the way this drug made them feel, and the gained focus that was also present.

So why is this drug so popular? Adderall is a brand-name medication that can be very dangerous and affect the lifestyle of many people. Always in high demand, many people rely on this drug for its fast, efficient way to stay awake for longer than usual, and help the brain specially focus on something for a certain amount of hours. This pill can be taken physically, or snorted when crushed. Adderall is trendy among college students especially because taking one of these pills will keep you alert and on task for up to eight hours, without any breaks. Just like any other drugs, Adderall does have its side effects and can be misused.

Some of the major side effects of taking Adderall include:

-Sleeping disorders
-Loss of appetite
-Stomach pains
-Mood swings
-Chest pains
-Irregular heartbeats
-Increased blood pressure

Because this drug suppresses the appetite of the body, many believe that by taking this drug on a daily basis, they will lose weight. What most do not believe or understand when taking this pill on a daily basis is the potential for addiction. When misused, Adderall can be as addictive as methamphetamine or cocaine. Like all stimulants, Adderall releases adrenaline and stress hormones causing a high that can become an addictive habit.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Full-time college students abusing Adderall were three times more likely to have used marijuana in the past year than those of the same age not in college. The “high” that people experience when taking Adderall leads to the need to try other drugs to determine other types of “highs.” It is very scary to think that the only way people can be fully integrated in their everyday routine is through the use of Adderall. When abusing this substance, people are more likely to increase their dosage and be willing to experience other drugs.

If you are prescribed on Adderall by your doctor and understand how to use this drug properly and safely, you have a better change of eliminating the need to attain other types of drugs. Read, research, and talk to a medical professional before “popping” Adderall.


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