How to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace

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Question #1: What is the point of an employer hiring employees?

Answer #1: To get “stuff” done.

Question #2: Why do workers seek employment?

Answer #2: MONEY, general interest, professional growth, to keep busy, etc.


Regardless of why an individual seeks employment, he/she is generally expected to be on time, professional and most importantly, PRODUCTIVE.

Here are a few tips to help us maximize productivity in the workplace, especially on days when we are a few hours behind on sleep, or a few cups of coffee too short:

1) Prioritize tasks – Organizing tasks will leave employees with a scheduled timeline, showcasing exactly what needs to get done and when, in turn leading to a less stressful day.

2) Find a mid-day “mood-booster” – Grab that cup of coffee, check your social media account or take a quick break to freshen up. A few minutes to decompress will leave an employee feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to work.

3) Develop positive relationships with co-workers – A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Studies show employees are willing to work harder and go that extra mile when they are surrounded by positive, motivating colleagues.

4) Network – Join forces with your colleagues and collaborate on new ideas and initiatives. Working together on a project will promote stimulation and drive.

5) Do not take your work home – If you are scheduled to work from 9am-5pm, do just that. Do not bring the stress of work home, you will enter the office the following day unmotivated and drained of the tasks at hand.

Keep these few tips in mind and you will be well on your way to becoming a highly-productive employee that any employer would be lucky to have!

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