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Go Green in 10 Ways

By Michelle Procida, Public Relations Assistant

“Going Green” has become a popular phrase heard these days. It’s all about saving the planet by making safer, healthier every day decisions. Want to be part of the effort? Here are a few simple ways you can take part.

1. Bring your own bags to grocery stores. Reuse brown paper bags from previous shopping visits, or invest in sturdier, washable ones. Most grocery stores sell these for a dollar, and usually offer 5 cents off a purchase for each reusable bag used per shopping visit.

2. Eliminate paper statements. Most banks and credit companies offer online statements to review billing and payment information, an option available instead of receiving lengthy statements in the mail.

3. It usually takes quite a few paper towels to clean up a spill, so save paper by using an old rag to clean up spills instead. Replace paper towels in the kitchen with a clean dish towel to dry hands instead.

4. Purchase a reusable water bottle. This will save the planet from a few more plastic water bottles in landfills, and you will save money on trips to the grocery store.

5. This one is pretty obvious, but separate recyclables from regular trash. Each item recycled contributes to reducing landfills. I was never much of a recycler myself until my roommates forced me to- by putting a recyclables bin next to our regular trash can. It was then when I was able to see how much recyclables really add up.

6. On those unbearably hot days this summer when the air conditioning goes on, shut all windows in the house first. This will keep the cold air in, rather than letting it escape through open windows. You’ll be able to cool down the house faster and keep it cool for longer, wasting less energy for the AC.

7. Avoid using the dryer for your clothes when possible. This is especially easy to do during the summer, since laying clothes out in the sun can help dry clothes quickly. This saves you some green too!

8. While it may be tempting to give your car a wash on a warm summer day, take it to a car wash instead. Car wash services are better at managing water usage, opposed to the large amounts of water that will likely be flowing from a driveway while washing a car on your own.

9. Open the shades during the day. Enjoy some natural sunlight during the day by opening the shades in the house, rather than using all the lights to illuminate the room. This tip will save you green as well.

10. Take shorter showers. Most shower heads use at least 2 gallons of water PER MINUTE. Possibly more depending on the type of shower head used. Rather than standing in the shower to enjoy the warm water flowing over your body for 10 minutes, make it quick.

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