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Fruit of the Week: Lemons!







Lemonade does a lot more than keep you cool in the summer. The Ancient Egyptians were known to drink lemon juice to protect them from various poisons. Now, there are centuries’ worth of home remedies that contain juice from this super-fruit!

Here are some health benefits of lemons:

1. Lemons have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties that boost immunity and fight infection.

2. Drinking lemon juice is shown to treat kidney stones, while combining it with olive oil helps to eliminate gall stones.

3. Lemon juice can help break your fever from cold or flu by increasing perspiration.

4. Enjoy a glass of fresh lemon soda after a heavy meal to prevent indigestion and constipation.

5. Apply a few drops of lemon juice to a cotton ball and place inside your nose to stop nose bleeds.

6. As a cooling agent, lemon juice helps to soothe sunburns and bee stings.

7. Replace your mouth wash with lemon juice! It is shown to stop gum bleeding, relieve gingivitis, eliminate bad breath, remove plaque, and heal canker sores.

8. Squeeze some lemon juice on your scalp to treat dandruff and hair fall. Apply before going out into the sun to naturally lighten your roots.

9. Start your day with a glass of lemon juice mixed with warm water and a teaspoon of honey for clean, radiant skin.

10. Apply fresh lemon juice to acne before going to bed and rinse off in the morning to help improve skin clarity.

11. Add lemon juice to a warm bath to create an aromatic sensation that relaxes your mind and body, and is shown to reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

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