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Fruit of the Week: Grapefruit!








You drive a hybrid car to help the environment, so why not eat a hybrid fruit to help your body? Grapefruit is a cross between pomelos and sweet oranges, and is loaded with health benefits that make you feel good!

Here are a few health benefits of grapefruit:

1. Eating grapefruit for breakfast – especially the deep red varieties – is shown to lower cholesterol.

2. Grapefruit improves the flow of digestive juices, relieving constipation and indigestion.

3. The salicylic acid in grapefruit is shown to help reduce symptoms of arthritis.

4. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, which works to boost your immune system against colds and help your body fight fevers.

5. The high fiber content in grapefruit is shown to curb your appetite, and even the smell of grapefruit is believed to reduce hunger.

6. Combine water with grapefruit juice to satisfy thirst quicker and keep you hydrated longer.

7. A glass of grapefruit juice before bed is shown to help reduce insomnia.

8. Grapefruit juice is a natural antiseptic for wounds, and grapefruit seed extract can be used as an antiseptic against bacterial and fungal infections.

9. Grapefruit cleansers help tone your skin and remove excess oil from your face.

10. Rub the inside of a grapefruit on knees and elbows to eliminate dark spots and smooth skin.

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