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Fit Some Fitness into Your Day

By Michelle Procida, Public Relations Assistant

Fitness. It’s an activity most of us want to get into the habit of doing, but not all of us can find the time to fit it into our busy schedules. If you can’t make it to the gym after work or aren’t getting enough sleep as it is to go for a morning run before the sun rises, make these few simple changes in your everyday routine for some added exercise.

Stuck waiting for the elevator? Take the stairs when you can. It’s usually quicker than waiting and its great exercise for your legs. In fact, walking up a flight of stairs requires 15 times the energy that it takes to walk regularly. Same goes for taking the escalator in the mall- walk up the escalator stairs instead!

Since its summer, jumping into the pool is a refreshing way to relax. But many of us don’t actually use the pool for its main use- to swim! Almost every time I see my friends or family using the pool, no one is actually “swimming”. Rather than lounging on a pool raft for a few hours, make sure to swim a few laps across the pool first. Swimming is a great form of exercise because it works both your arms and your legs. Try some of these strokes here.

If you’re exhausted after a long day, your favorite spot to relax in is probably the couch- right across from the television. While watching your favorite show, do some crunches to tighten your ab muscles. Not a fan crunches? Try this alternative. Lay flat on your back. Keeping your legs straight, raise them slightly above the floor, (see below) holding in place for as long as you can, release and repeat. You will instantly feel your ab muscles getting a workout.

Keep a set of dumbbells in your favorite room of the house. If you keep them in a visible area where you pass by many times a day, you are more likely to pick them up and do a few quick exercises with them. Here are few times you can use them:

1. While you’re waiting for the microwave timer to go off
2. Watching television
3. Having a conversation with someone else in your home
4. Talking on the phone (use dumbbells in only one hand at a time to keep your neck straight, or use speakerphone!)

Find a hobby or sport you enjoy that requires exercise. Perhaps it’s going for a walk in the local park or dancing to the radio while you’re cooking dinner. When you make fitness fun, you will get exercise without even realizing it!

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