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Fashionistas Can Save the Planet Too!

By Diadra Wilson, Public Relations Assistant

Pictured: Olsenhaus Pure-Vegan heels.

Eco-friendly fashions are all the rage these days, and with 90 degree temperatures upon us, we are reminded that the air we breathe is equally important as the styles we wear.  Typically, when one thinks of organic clothing, they think of colorless, bland designs sort of like a rice cake. Organic yet stylish looks are on the rise and many designers are giving us the funky, chic and eco-friendly styles for which we long.

This past February, H&M launched The Conscious Collection, which featured stylish organic clothing for women, men, and children.  The line was praised by the fashion world, displaying attractive and affordable styles, using completely recycled and organic materials.

Eco-friendly luxury designers like Olsenhaus and Matt & Nat feature shoe and handbag designs that even Paris Hilton would love to rock!  The designs, made up of 100% cruelty-free materials, not only have the environment in mind but also the consumer that loves to look fantastic while saving the planet.

To eco-up your wardrobe with sleek sustainable styles; start out with small pieces like t-shirts or accessories.  Stores like the Kaight Boutique in NYC, strictly sell designs from rising green conscious designers.  Once you have a few favorite pieces you’ll soon begin to buy more and more.

While you’re giving your wardrobe an eco-boost, don’t forget to pick up eco-friendly beauty products like the spf 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen from John Maters Organics.

Who says you can’t be haute while saving the Earth?

To learn more about eco-friendly fashion pick up Eco Fashion by Sass Brown, a book that spells out everything you need to know to become an eco-fashionista.


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