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CPR’s Laura Carabello to host Webinar: Damage Control Tips, Techniques, & Best Practices for Communications Executives

In Damage Control Tips, Techniques & Best Practices for Communications Executives, ExecSense examines the most effective strategies and best practices used by leading communications executives to minimize the effects of a communications and/or corporate crisis when unexpected negative events happen to their companies. Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPad, Kindle or printed out) and learn valuable tips and techniques for minimizing damage, bringing the crisis under control, and assisting your company in dealing with the potential customer, media and public scrutiny.

If you cannot call-in to attend the webinar and view the presentation at 12:00 EST, Friday, June 24th, ExecSense will email you the PowerPoint, audio and supplementary files by the next day for viewing at your convenience during your next commute, business trip, flight, lunch, or free hour in your schedule (you simply need to register before the webinar occurs). If you would like to ask an anonymous question or request a specific topic to be covered during the webinar, please email the moderator at laurenc@execsense.com after you have registered to attend and we guarantee your question/topic will be covered.

The webinar is led by an expert in helping communications executives with damage control, Laura Carabello, Principal Owner & CCO of CPR Strategic Marketing Communications, and focuses on:

• Everything you need to know in 60 minutes to minimize the effects of a corporate crisis when unexpected negative events happen to your company

• Easy-to-implement tips and techniques that other leading communications executives have found to be most successful for damage control, including tips for defining the scope of the crisis, establishing a unified response, creating a central information service, acting promptly to address the negative event, establishing a media response policy, keeping thorough and accurate records, appointing a crisis evaluation team, and more

• The 10 questions most asked by communications executives about how to implement a damage control plan that brings the crisis under control and assists their company in dealing with the intense media and public scrutiny

• Case studies of communications executives that have had success creating and implementing damage control plans, what techniques worked best for them, and important lessons learned that you can immediately put in place before a crisis happens at your company

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