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COPD Foundation Appoints New Staff to Oversee DRIVE4COPD Campaign

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COPD Foundation Appoints New Staff to Oversee DRIVE4COPD Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC – May 10, 2012 – The COPD Foundation (COPDF) today announced the appointment of three new members to manage the DRIVE4COPD campaign, the country’s largest public health initiative dedicated to raising awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Oversight of the DRIVE4COPD program has been transferred to the COPDF to engage broader support and collaboration with more stakeholders.

“We are pleased to welcome these three individuals who will lend their extensive experience and leadership skills to our shared mission to raise awareness, encourage screening and early diagnosis, and help individuals with COPD improve the quality of their lives,” says John W. Walsh, president of the COPD Foundation. “We’re confident that the new team will develop an integrated approach that will build on our efforts to reach a growing constituency of people with COPD, as well as those who have yet to be diagnosed so that they can take action today to breathe better tomorrow.”

Sara Latham will serve as the DRIVE4COPD Campaign Director, relying on her expertise as a public relations and communications specialist working in a number of sectors, from pharmaceutical to healthcare delivery.

Terri Livingston Kozel will serve as director of Partnership Development for DRIVE4COPD, drawing on her unique insight into the DRIVE4COPD’s partnership with NASCAR through her lifetime experience of marketing in the stock car racing community.

Ron Sears brings more than 30 years of development experience to the COPD Foundation, and will draw on his experience raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Association, National Osteoporosis Foundation, Prevent Blindness America and National Sleep Foundation.
Walsh adds, “We look forward to working with the new team and drawing energy from their commitment to building momentum and uniting individuals who care about preventing, treating and, ultimately, curing COPD.”
About COPD Foundation
The mission of the COPD Foundation is to develop and support programs, which improve the quality of life through research, education, early diagnosis, and enhanced therapy for persons whose lives are impacted by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The C.O.P.D. Information Line, 866-316-COPD (2673), is a toll-free number for information and referrals on COPD, offering callers access to peer-to-peer patients and caregiver associates.
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