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Blogging in Healthcare

The value of blogging is evolving alongside the fast paced juggernaut that is the internet. In its early days, blogging was like an online diary where you could dump a personal stream of consciousness through a post, but today blogging can be used for more than just that. It can be used as an extension of your brand and help deliver a clear message, while getting a personal sense as to who the blogger/brand is. Today the classic blogging principles are still important but they have evolved, especially in healthcare. As with all blogs, it is important to keep in mind what focus your blog will have and what purpose it will serve. Kelly Merrick, social media mentor at Hive Strategies, takes a look at the three most specific topics she has encountered through the many blogs she reads through. Under no circumstance does your blog have to be restricted to certain parameters, an effective blog will pull from different sources to achieve a wider scope.

Here are the main topics Merrick has noted to be most common in healthcare:


Perhaps the most straightforward out of the healthcare topics, educational blogs cover topics that are useful to the audience and can help them make informed decisions. This type of blog can be useful if you are a healthcare provider who feels it is important to stay on top of latest findings in research and keeping their consumer informed.


A narrative blog will probably best serve the story teller writers in healthcare. Telling a personal a story about an experience shared with a patient or about the steps taken in a certain procedure can be very touching and effective, but a blogger must beware of revealing protected patients information.


This type of blog can pull from both educational and narrative with a mix of your personal opinions on any given topic. This type of blog can help connect you to your audience by revealing personal stories about your professional and everyday life.

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