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Bittersweet…The Final Hours of an Amazing Internship

I remember nervously awaiting the day I would walk into CPR and immediately feel overwhelmed with new tasks that I’ve never dealt with before. Now, as I sit at my desk and think back to the beginning of September when I first began here, it amazes me how much I’ve learned in such a short period of time. I have no idea where the time went and how it’s already December, but I enjoyed every minute at CPR and would do it all over again.

As my first Public Relations/Communications internship, I can honestly say I had the best experience with the best mentors. I was able to ask questions, connect with people through email and phone calls, draft pitch letters and press releases, and most importantly understand the world of PR. My passion for writing was put to the test when I had the ability to publish weekly blogs relating to various health issues. My favorite part about working at CPR was reaching out to different media contacts and establishing a relationship in order to have our clients published in magazines and blogs.  Not only was that exciting, but it also forced me to step up to the plate and communicate effectively to different contacts in order to reach the goal for our clients to get published.

I am truly thankful for the caring staff at CPR and the things they have taught me. Whether or not it was answering a simple question about a pitch letter or even helping me understand a client’s needs, I took everything into consideration and gave it my best in order for a successful outcome. Because of CPR, I am now confident and positive that PR/Communications is the field I would like to pursue when I graduate in May. My experience here at CPR was not only fun, but I wanted to come in everyday hoping to learn something new, and I did. I will never forget my first internship at CPR and I will continue to use my skills and knowledge when I enter the scary, real world after graduation.



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