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Birthday Month at CPR

April is the biggest birthday month at CPR. President and CEO Joseph Carabello and Account Managers Ervin Torres, Joelle Caputa and Stephanie Clark (otherwise known as the bullpen crew) all blow out candles within days of each other.

The birthday employee of the day is greeted with balloons and banners upon their morning arrival.

At CPR, no celebration is complete without cupcakes. Thankfully, our very own Betty Crocker, Executive Assistant Ann Marie, makes sure our conference room table is filled with home-baked treats like cupcakes, chocolate cake and pretzels dipped in sprinkled icing.

CPR’s musically talented staffers Ervin and Account Manager Jessica Day surprised Joe with a performance of “Happy Birthday.”

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1 thought on “Birthday Month at CPR”

  1. it was lovely… we need to have them play our hold music at work.. but how will they fit into our phones?

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