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Beat the Beach: Health Tips to Take to the Jersey Shore

By Michelle Procida, Public Relations Assistant

When thinking of summertime, health risks are not usually everyone’s first concern. Instead, the outdoors, warm sun, and beaches become a priority. Planning on hitting the beach this summer? Of course you are. Bring these tips along with you to stay safe and healthy while enjoying a day in the heat.

  • Keep your water bottles cold- and out of the sun. Plastic water bottles contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical linked to causing cancer. When these water bottles come in contact with heat, BPA is more likely to leak into the water. If your water bottle is going to be lying out in the sun all day, try a BPA-free water bottle instead.
  • Everyone wants to catch a tan at the beach, but if you’re going to lie in the blazing sun for the day, use sunscreen. Contrary to popular belief, it is still possible to get tan while wearing sunscreen. Use a 25 or 50 SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, reapplying during the peak hours between 1 and 3 p.m.
  • Know when enough is enough. After lying on the sun for about an hour, the heat is usually unbearable. Don’t try to tough it out because your friends are still soaking up the rays. To avoid the risk of a heat stroke, take a quick dip in the ocean to cool down your body when it feels too hot. If you want to stay dry instead, bring a beach umbrella to hide from the sun until you are cooled down. Sitting in the shade provides ten to 15 degrees of a cooler temperature.
  • With pollution vastly invading the East Coast shoreline, jumping into the ocean not as safe as it may have once seemed. While the risk is rare, stepping on sharp or contaminated objects hidden by the ocean’s floor can be dangerous. To prevent deep cuts or risk of infection, try a pair of water shoes if you plan on going any further than your feet can be seen.

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