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Dominique Medler

Christmas Worldwide: Armenia

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and time of the year. Did you know Christmas is celebrated totally different in other parts of the world?  I stumbled across a great website “Why Christmas?” which includes facts, decoration ideas and everything Christmas related. Christmas Around the World struck my attention and when I followed the link …

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Winter Winds: Protect your skin from damage

  Dry, cracked skin. With weather conditions dropping to below 30 degrees some winter days, we need to prepare not only to bundle up but to take care of our skin.  October, November, and December are known as the skin “danger zone” months. During these months our skin is hit with harsh winds and conditions …

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7 Deadly Diets You Should Never Try

Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Renee Zellweger, Anne Hathaway and so many other celebrities seem to stay fit and shed pounds so easily when necessary. Why is it that they can lose 20 pounds in two weeks and for us “normal” people it takes more like two months? This is because celebs go to extreme health …

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Instagram: A Hidden Marketing Tool

As a business owner, what do you think about when you hear “Instagram”?  Probably that it is a social media site used mostly by teens/young adults to post random pictures and to start small B2C companies for selling clothes over the Internet.  A blog on Hub Spot by Allen Gannet insures readers that Instagram is …

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Think Pink: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Who doesn’t like to talk about boobies? October is my favorite month because I get to talk about the importance of breast cancer.  Gentlemen: pay attention because you are affected by this disease too! Breast cancer is a disease that forms malignant cancer cells in your breast tissue. If not detected early on, the already …

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Gobble Up,Fall is Coming!

With temperatures dropping rapidly and comfy sweaters coming out of the closet, you know fall is swiftly approaching. This also means that the holidays are approaching us too, so now we have an excuse to stuff our faces and discuss the best fall foods and recipes for this upcoming season! This year’s fall food trends …

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