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Android Health & Fitness Applications on the Google Store Helps Prepare for the Summer

Android Workingout

Winter may be coming in the new season of Game of Throne, but not here! Warm weather is finally upon us and now we can have fun in the outdoors after a brutal winter.  The snow and ice made it impossible to run or do anything. Spring is the perfect weather to exercise in because it is not hot or too cold. Plus, the rain can be refreshing! This season is when people are making final touches on their body and mind before summer hits. Nobody wants to look like they stuffed their face during the holidays (Don’t I worry, I was very guilty of this!), especially when you have to go to the beach with your buddies. Now, it is not always easy to find the right diet or exercise routine and quite frankly, beginners get discouraged when they don’t feel the results of training. This is where technology can be our best friend this season.

With the invention of Smartphone’s, it has made easier to track ones diet and exercise program. Numerous applications have emerged to help shed some pounds and stay relatively healthy. Tracking your running path and making healthy recipes are the perks of some of the app found on the store. For Android users, the Google Play store has some great health and fitness applications that are free. Here are some of the best and most popular free applications.

  • Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal Inc.  – This is one of the best calorie counters out there. You can set a goal of how many pounds you want to lose and can keep track of the meals you eat through a diary. Also, it keeps track of the exercise you participate in and takes in account how many calories are burned. In addition, you can scan barcodes of food through your phone and will show up if it is in the database. This application is simple to use and the best part is that it’s free.
  • MapMyRun GPS Running by MapMyFitness, Inc. – A very useful tool for runners, joggers, and walkers. You can set your distance and the pace of your run and it tracks how many calories you might burn. However, like all GPS applications, one must be careful when using it in an area where the signal may be weak.
  • Runtastic Running & Fitness by Runstatic A similar application to MapMyRun. Some applications might suit your personal preference so I mentioned this one too. This application includes plugging in your distance for a multitude of your exercise needs.
  • Workout Trainer by Skimble Inc. – Many people want to hit the gym, but often don’t know what routine to do and how many repetitions they should do. This application is like a personal trainer and you get to chose from hundreds of workouts for specific parts of your body. The application shows you the correct form and posture for each exercise. In my opinion, this is one of the best applications for beginners because you learn from the different exercises making your future work workouts much more effective.
  • Allthecooks Recipes by AllTheCooks, LLC. – Easily one of the best social cookbook applications out there. It is awesome how you can share recipes with strangers and your friends. From the pictures to the cooking directions, this application has it all. Also, for all you nutrition junkies, there is a nutrition facts chart that comes with the recipes. This application saves you money, by making your own food and more importantly, you can make it healthier for you!

The health and fitness applications mentioned are only a fraction of what can be found on the Google Play store. Furthermore these applications are free to download and some of them come with a premium service. It is up to you to decide what application is right for you! Good luck when using some of the applications and I hope you have a great time this season with your training. Hopefully the results your training will show with your perseverance!

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