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Alliance Life Sciences Releases Study on Impact of E-prescribing, Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Marketers

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Alliance Life Sciences Releases Study on Impact of E-prescribing, Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Marketers

SOMERSET, N.J. – July 23, 2013– Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group (ALSCG), a leading management and technology consultancy, today announces the completion of its study examining the marketing opportunities and challenges for pharmaceutical companies in e-prescribing of products. The Alliance study found that physicians have become comfortable with e-prescribing, and e-prescribing adoption among doctors has grown year-over-year for the past five years, with a 25 percent increase from 2011 to 2012.

“E-prescribing has now achieved mainstream status, and drug companies can focus attention on their brands at the point of prescription by communicating relevant messages about the brand, copay cards, patient education and other information,” says Dilip Phadnis, director of Syndicated Studies at Alliance. “At the same time, pharmacy benefit managers are sending messages about the cost of brands, formulary status and availability of less expensive alternatives.”

With the consistent uptake of e-prescribing by doctors, pharmaceutical companies need to fully understand all of the influences surrounding e-prescribing so that they can take appropriate measures to generate adequate consideration from the e-prescriber.

“More specifically, the study found that physicians often use copay cards obtained through e-prescribing, are open to sample vouchers delivered via the platforms, and would allow advertising to help offset the cost of the systems,” adds Phadnis.

Study results document that when it comes to prescribing habits, a majority of physicians — approximately 80 percent — have made their decision about what drug they are prescribing before entering an e-prescribing system.

“But it should be noted that about 16 percent of the time, that decision changes after obtaining information from the system — a significant percentage that can impact brand sales,” says Phadnis.


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