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Alliance Life Sciences Releases Study Demonstrating Growing Popularity of Copay Offset Cards, Persistent Value and Logistical Issues

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Alliance Life Sciences Releases Study Demonstrating Growing Popularity of Copay Offset Cards, Persistent Value and Logistical Issues


SOMERSET, N.J. – February 5, 2013– Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group (ALSCG), a leading management and technology consultancy, today announces the completion of a study that examines the effectiveness of copay offset cards, and assesses the attitudes and experiences of patients, pharmacists, physicians and payers.  Pharmaceutical companies provide offset cards to reduce or eliminate patient copays, with a growing number of companies offering these cards to employees and plan members.

“Copay cards provide pharmaceutical companies a strategic option to increase the use of their brands, while providing an important benefit to the patient,” states Dilip Phadnis, director, Syndicated Studies, ALSCG.

The ALSCG study shows that copay cards are popular with patients for cutting therapy costs – in many cases, leading to better compliance. It also indicates that some processing issues continue at the pharmacist’s level.

“Physicians remain in favor of copay cards because cost-efficiency eliminates barriers to care and provides greater choice on brands,” says Phadris. “However, payers find fault with these programs for not consistently lining up with formularies.

The exhaustive study was based upon a robust methodology, incorporating focus groups, interviews and questionnaire surveys aimed at patients, pharmacists and physicians in order to provide insight into the efficacy of the copay card model, and highlight issues for some stakeholder groups. To obtain a detailed brochure about the study, contact Art Gencarelli at Art.Gencarelli@Alscg.com.

“ALSCG facilitates innovation in the life sciences community, fosters productivity gains and real shifts in ways of doing business, and promotes research that delivers new health therapies to market,” says Mohan Purushothaman, executive vice president, ALSCG. “We are committed to driving down costs, and helping manufacturers service patients and physicians better.”

About ALSCG                                                                                                                              Formed in 1994 and headquartered in Somerset, N.J., Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group employs more than 200 professionals who collectively understand the business challenges of the Life Sciences industry and offer solutions for Sales & Marketing, Managed Care & Government Contracting, Market Access, Commercial Operations, Information Management and Analytics. ALSCG has experience with seven of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as middle market and emerging Life Sciences firms. Contact: 866-581-4850 www.alscg.com


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