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Alliance Life Sciences Releases PriceRight Version 4.1, Strengthens Premier Lifecycle Price Management Suite for Life Sciences Industry



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Alliance Life Sciences Releases PriceRight Version 4.1, Strengthens Premier Lifecycle Price Management Suite for Life Sciences Industry

Somerset, NJ – March 26, 2013 – Responding to ongoing global pricing challenges in the life sciences industry, Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group (ALSCG), an innovative management and technology consultancy, today unveiled the latest version of its PriceRightTM Suite. As the leading Lifecycle Price Management solution for life sciences organizations, PriceRightTM maximizes revenue by managing price changes throughout the product lifecycle using a fully integrated platform.

“PriceRightTM supports pricing over the full lifecycle, from launch to growth and maturity to loss of exclusivity,” said Alan Crowther, CEO, ALSCG. “The latest version, 4.1, further refines the product suite’s international reference pricing and launch sequence optimization models to drive better insights and better decisions – and ultimately drive value to the bottom line.”

PriceRight™ 4.1 features a richer set of analytics that:

  • Enhance analysis and ‘what if’ modeling of future changes on prices in other markets in the International Reference Pricing function
  • Provide Launch Sequence Optimization with enhanced algorithms, building on its existing full-support for re-reference rules and price elasticity data points with even more options
  • Display an enhanced set of visual dashboards for pricing executives to manage price erosion with views of both global markets and local markets

The new features in PriceRight™ allow life sciences companies to move beyond projecting prices to optimizing price decisions. It does this on an open-technology platform with cloud computing support that maximizes flexibility.

“PriceRightTM exemplifies ALSCG’s commitment to maximizing revenue and optimizing pricing in an outcomes-based world,” Crowther adds. “We help firms solve problems in contracting, pricing, reimbursement and commercial operations, and place the focus on the patient’s health and well-being, which is a manufacturer’s number one priority.”

About ALSCG                                                                                                                             

Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group helps our customers maximize revenue and pricing in an outcomes-based world. We employ hundreds of professionals around the globe who help firms receive full value by solving problems in Contracting, Pricing, Reimbursement, and Commercial Operations. We enable this mission in a healthcare world where the focus is on the patient’s health and well-being, the ultimate bottom line for everyone. Alliance works with 8 of the top-10 pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as mid-market and other life sciences companies. Contact: 866-581-4850 www.alscg.com







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