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A Small Toe Can Be a BIG Pain!

Our Vice-President of Client Services here at CPR, Ihor Andruch, is suffering a broken toe after dropping a table on his foot this weekend!

Ihor is an avid skateboarder and runner so being sidelined with a broken toe isn’t going to be easy for him. In order to help his toe heal quicker, we thought we’d provide him with some tips on how to speed up the process.

1.) Keep the foot elevated to reduce swelling.
2.) Try not to walk on the toe and keep weight off the injured foot.
3.) If you need to walk, choose a wide shoe with a firm sole.
4.) Apply an ice pack to minimize swelling or pain.
5.) Take an over-the-counter painkiller.
6.) Minimize sports and activities.

Since some doctors recommend not casting a broken toe, there’s always the Buddy Wrap method. If Ihor is feeling especially crafty, he can do this in a matter of minutes. All he needs is some gauze, medical tape, cotton balls and a popsicle stick.

First, he should wrap the gauze around his broken toe and the toe next to it. Next, put the popsicle stick between the toes so they heal straight. Finally, apply some medical tape to hold the gauze in place.

Get well soon, Ihor! And no more table carrying for you!

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