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7 Deadly Diets You Should Never Try

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Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Renee Zellweger, Anne Hathaway and so many other celebrities seem to stay fit and shed pounds so easily when necessary. Why is it that they can lose 20 pounds in two weeks and for us “normal” people it takes more like two months? This is because celebs go to extreme health risking measures to stay thin. There’s serious repercussions to these so called “healthy” quick ways to lose weight, so beware.

The Deadly Seven:

Plastic Tongue Patch: Created by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, this yet-to-be FDA-approved patch is sewn onto the tongue with six stitches in about 10 minutes, at a cost of roughly $2,000. The device and sutures make eating solid food so painful, you will only be able to consume liquids.

Tube Feeding: To lose weight quickly, women are opting to have a feeding tube inserted through their noses, which travels through the esophagus into the stomach, remaining in place 24 hours a day. For 10 days, they must eating is avoided completely, as a high protein, low carb formula is fed through the tube, delivering roughly 800 daily calories. This medical procedure costs about $1,500 and is used for serious medical conditions only.

Drunkorexia: Drunkorexia is a relatively new term for the overlap of binge drinking and disordered eating. The pattern can involve behaviors like:
-restricting calories to “save them up” for alcohol
-drinking excessively; purging

-over-exercising before drinking or the next day
-starving the day after a night of binge drinking
Side effects of combining alcohol with undereating and/purging: problems concentrating, difficulty making decisions weakened immune system.

Tapeworms: Although it is illegal to house tapeworms in the U.S., using them for weight lose is becoming increasingly popular. The sad reality is that many people who unintentionally become infected with tapeworms suffer from serious dangers such as:
-digestive blockages
-organ function disruption
-brain and nervous system damage

Starvation:  Your body never is asleep, and needs constant restoration. Your cells, tissues, and everything else in between are constantly in a state of repair, healing, and regeneration. For this process to continue in a healthy manner you need to fill your body with nutrients, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats. When these “supplies” never get entered into your body or you eat less than your required caloric intake (less than about 1,000-1,200 calories per day for most women, depending on height and frame size, or more if you’re active) it can lead to fatigue, depression, the breakdown of muscle, organ and bone tissue, suppressed immunity, hair loss, hormone imbalances, sleep disturbances, and an increased injury risk.


Smoking: Smoking dulls taste buds, suppresses appetite, and slightly increases metabolism. But the health risks are so immense; experts estimate they’re equal to gaining 100 pounds and aging your skin instead of actually helping you lose weight.


Stimulants: Using prescription drugs to lose weight can lead you down a very dark path of dependence, addiction, and rehab. That goes for over-the-counter, legal (prescription drugs) and illegal drugs. Yes they may help you shed some pounds but are risky, with potential side effects ranging from poor judgment, impulsivity and mood swings, to dangerously high blood pressure, seizures, and stroke.


Risking your health or even worse your life is worth trying these crazy methods. We all have tried some crazy tactic before, even myself, but if you feel yourself about to try these put—back away! Let the celebrities who have highly trained nutritionist, dieticians, trainers, and whatever other medical help you can think of at their finger tips at any time stick to the dangerous endeavors, at their own risk.



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