5 Tips from NFL Pros to Stay Healthy

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On Sunday evening, a majority of the country will be crowded around television screens to watch the 2018 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. But around this time each year, people start to wonder how these NFL superstars keep themselves physically and mentally healthy during a long, grueling season. Let’s take a look at some of their tips!


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You are what you eat. Just like anyone who workouts out to gain muscle, stay healthy or lose weight, NFL players have to focus on nutrition. Your body is like a machine, and in order for that machine to function well and do its job, you need to fuel that machine with the right stuff.

Whether after a workout or game, athletes make sure they find a consistent balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to reach their caloric needs for the day. This can come with a variety of food, which their nutritionist will typically set up a program for them.


A mistake that most people make while training their body is in regards to staying hydrated. This doesn’t mean to drink a ton of water after your high-intensity cardio workout at the gym, but to hydrate before, during and after your workout.

NFL players have the guidance of certified athletic trainers that monitor the hydration levels of each player. While on the field football players are practically always on the move, whether in extreme heat or the frigid cold. They need to start hydrating two hours prior to the game, during the game and within two hours postgame. This can include water to rehydrate as well as Gatorade for electrolytes.


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The way an NFL player trains and conditions during the season really depends on the position he is playing. They focus on improving their strength and power by having a balanced program where they constantly confuse their muscles. The program may require a few weeks of strength training followed by a few weeks of high-intensity workouts, or even light-intensity workouts. They do this so they avoid hitting training plateau’s and are consistently getting stronger, faster and in overall better shape.


Once again, this is something the everyday gym-goer forgets about. Your body, and mind, need time after workouts to rest and recover. Recovery seems to be the little thing that goes overlooked, but is extremely important. After a day of practice, workouts and studying film, NFL players need to make sure they’re getting the right amount of sleep so they’re rejuvenated the next day. The preferred amount of sleep for anyone is around eight hours.

Positive Mentality

The four tips above focus on nutrition and hydrating to fuel your body as well as the balance of training and recovery to build muscle and stay healthy in the NFL. Well, what about training the strongest muscle in your body? The brain. It controls everything that you do and how you feel throughout each day.

It’s important to cleanse your mind of any distractions, hatred or hostility when you want to focus on your passion. As for the NFL, the job comes with a ton of pressure and expectations that need to be reached.

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