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10 Tips for Healthy Grilling

By Lianne Palazzolo, Public Relations Assistant

Tip 1: Marinate your meat to reduce carcinogens
Tip 2: Clean your grill to eliminate the build-up of carcinogens
Tip 3: Don’t flip too early and rip the meat apart but don’t flip too late to avoid burning
Tip 4: Ban flare ups created by fatty meat. They produce carcinogens.
Tip 5: Beware of burnt. Incinerated meat contains more cancer causing bacteria.
Tip 6: Reduce bacteria in burgers by cooking at the right temperature. The USDA recommends ground beef to be cooked at 160 degrees.
Tip 7: Work the whole surface of the grill
Tip 8: Size matters. Cut up the meat into small portions for less cooking time and less calories.
Tip 9: The shorter the cook time the less likely they will develop dangerous charring.
Tip 10: Go beyond meat. Try grilling fruits and vegetables for a hearty side dish.

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